Frequently Asked Questions

On average the current age member at CrossFit Affinity is 40

CrossFit workouts are scaled or changed through slight variations for each individuals current level of ability

“Heavy” weightlifting is relative to the person. We spend a lot of time working on Tech and how to lift weights properly. The “Heavy” side is never pushed as that is determined by multiple factors which are assessed by well educated coaches.

Weightlifting will NOT bulk you up without a ton of factors which includes a heavy amount of calories intake per day. Weightlifting will however, help speed up your metabolism which in turn will help you lose fat and look leaner and more defined.

The Fundamentals is a great way to see what CrossFit will be all about. Explained in full detail and walked though all movements over the course of 6 days. The athlete will be prepared to join regular classes at the end. The competitive drive to be better as an individual and be driven is all you need.

Your crossfit healthy body is waiting.

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding crossfit, our classes, coaches or anything else you can think of!