June 9, 2019
June 11, 2019

W.U. Coaches Choice

Skill:  HSPU Building 12 mins

  • Advancement from previous session
  • In a strict manner with proper form
  • Use floor, Box , Wall
  • String sets of reps together and understand (feel) loading

W.O.D 20 Min AMRAP “Nicole”

  • 400M Run
  • Max Effort Pullups

*After each run, hang on to pullup bar and attempt AMRAP of pullups.   When you drop you run again.  Objective on this one is the pullups NOT the running so use the time wisely.

*Any Men below 100 and Ladies below 80 will each do Men: 50 Cals Bike, Women: 35 Cals bike AFAP immediately following the wod end.