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Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program made up of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.


MA Strength, Chinese Weightlifting Seminar

Saturday, May 4th, 9am to 6pm
Open to Everyone

Chinese weightlifting techniques are coming to Connecticut for the first time ever! MA Strength is offering a Chinese Weightlifting Level 1 Seminar, hosted at CrossFit Affinity on Saturday, 5/4/19. This is a practical, hands-on seminar that introduce the fundamental elements behind Chinese weightlifting technique to improve snatch, clean, and jerk technique under the guidance of expert coaches at Ma Strength. There will be a 1 hr break for lunch.

Constantly Varied

A wide variety of movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, Olympic lifting and cardiovascular modalities changing from day to day.

Functional Movement

Core to extremity, compound and multi-joint movement. Capacity to move large loads over large distances quickly.

High Intensity

Defined exactly as power and intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise.


May 21, 2019


W.U.  Crossover Symmetry + Prep work

Skill:   Hand Stand Pushup Variations (12 Mins)

3 sets for Max reps per set, Recover as needed

W.O.D 5 RFT of

  • TBD Run
  • 15 x Deadlifts @ Bodyweight
  • 10 x HSPU
  • 5 x Burpee Pullups
May 20, 2019


W.U.  Coaches Choice

Strength:   Back Squat (10 Mins)

Use 30% of 1 RM and do 3 sets of 8 Jumping Squats

(Be explosive out of the bottom position)

W.O.D  20 min Clock, 4 rounds x 5 mins

In 5 Mins Complete

  • 30 x Air Squats
  • 20 x Cals Rowing
  • 10 x  Alt DB Clean and Press 70/50

*Record time it takes to do the work.   The rest is within the 5 mins.  Complete the work listed then any remaining time is rest within the 5 mins period.   New 5 min clock starts at 0,5,10,15 min marks.


W.U.  Group

Strength: 2 RM Strict Press

W.O.D  3 x 5 min Rounds of

  • Power Cleans 75/55
  • Thrusters 75/55
  • Burpees
  • Cals on Assault Bike
  • Pullups

Rest 1 min after each 5 min period

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