Crossfit Affinity

Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program made up of constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.


ATTENTION: All kids classes are cancelled until the end of summer.  Please check the class schedule for Fall days and times.

Constantly Varied

A wide variety of movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, Olympic lifting and cardiovascular modalities changing from day to day.

Functional Movement

Core to extremity, compound and multi-joint movement. Capacity to move large loads over large distances quickly.

High Intensity

Defined exactly as power and intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise.


September 20, 2018


W.U. 5 Min individual

Group W.U Track and Ladder

W.O.D W/Partner Complete

  • 1 Mile Med Ball Run (1 person carry 20/14 med ball)

after the Mile together complete the following in any order with both people working at same time

  • 150 x Walking Lunges
  • 150 x Russian KB swings 53/35 or less
  • 150 x Calories on the Assault Bike
  • 150 x 2 Count Mountain Climbers
  • 150 x DL/HP 53/35 or less
September 19, 2018


W.U. 5 Min individual

Group W.U.  Shoulder warmup progression

Strength:  Push Press

Build to a 2 RM Push press

W.O.D 15 Min AMRAP of

  • 15 x Box Jumps 24
  • 12 x Pushups
  • 9 x  Push Press 135/95


  • Box to 20 inches
  • Hand Release Pushups
  • Push Press 95/65


  • Box to Step Up’s
  • Hand Release pushups
  • Push Press 65/45
September 18, 2018


W.U. 5 Min Individual

Group W.U.  8 Mins

  • 4 Min Tabata: Hollow
  • 4 Min Tabata: Arch

Skill: Muscle Up Progression

  • If you can do Bar MU’s work the Kip on Rings
  • If you are struggling with Bar MU’s (Chicken Wing) use a band with enough tension to get on top utilizing both arms
  • If you can’t do Pullups or Chest to bar pullups work on Hollow Ring Row to Push

W.O.D 20 Min AMRAP of

  • 2 x Ring Muscle ups
  • 4 x HSPU
  • 10 x ALT leg Pistols


  • 3 x Bar Muscle Ups
  • 6 x HSPU w/1 or 2 abmats
  • 12 x ALT Leg Pistols w/Ball for depth


  • 4 x Pullups/4 x Ring or Bench Dips
  • 6 x Floor/Box HSPU
  • 12 x ALT Leg Pistols w/Band and Ball off rack

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