W.O.D  Card Game w/ Partner

  • Each pair will have the same amount and same value pile of cards
  • 1 member will pick 2 cards off top of Pile,  Each team member will complete the movements and reps as dictated on Both cards.  
  • After each member completes the required work, they will run 200 or row 250 each before choosing the next 2 cards.

W.O.D specfics

  • Jokers are Wild:  They are Thrusters 95/65 for 21 Reps
  • Aces are 11 Reps
  • KIng's -10's are 10 reps
  • All other cards are face value
  1. Hearts:  Burpees
  2. Spades: KB Swings 53/35
  3. Diamonds: Pull-ups
  4. Clubs:  Walking OH Lunges 45/25.  To get the distance you will Multiple the card value x 10